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Walnut and dried fruits from the highlands of Kyrgyzstan

It grows at an altitude of 1600

meters above sea level

Among 608 thousand

hectares of forest

More than 6500

tons of harvest per year


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Gallery from our production

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In the village of Arslanbob and the Arslanbob valley of Jalal-Abad, walnut trees up to 30 meters in height whose age can exceed 1000 years can be found. These ecologically clean fruits further are collected by us , they are processed and after passing control to the standards of the Unified Energy System (EAPS), they are distributed to the supermarkets  in a packed form.

Our products grown in ecologically clean areas of Kyrgyzstan and prepared by special technologies (that let useful properties retain) in compliance with international quality standards in the field of organic food production are presented in all Federal networks of Russia and are exported to European countries.

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